Labor MP Kate Ellis & Husband David Penberthy In Bed With Murdoch To Push Mandatory Vaccinations

By Dr Morphine


Dr Morphine


Shame on you Kate Ellis! Medical records are supposed to be private. Stick a big x on unvaccinated kids forehead next?                                         Photo courtesy of twitter 

When a politician starts pushing a vaccine mandate there is usually a Murdoch pulling the strings. The latest ignorant politician to push mandatory vaccinations is South Australian Labor MP Kate Ellis. Since having her baby and immediately returning to work she decided she doesn’t want unvaccinated kids in SA childcare and thinks child care centres should have the power to disclose the names of the unvaccinated children who attend – so she can make an informed choice as to where to send her young child while her and her husband both keep the economy turning.


The 1.34% of Unvaccinated Australian Children that MP Kate Ellis want to target in her hate campaign


Remember the saying “behind every great man there is a great woman”?… Well, this is a reverse situation

Behind this woman is *surprise surprise* Murdoch’s own News Corp Editor-in-chief
David Penberthy, who has penned numerous “Anti Vax” hate rants devoid of any scientific  evidence.


This the David Penberthy husband of Kate Ellis. Penberthy works for NewsCorp and writes many Anti Vax hate rants               Photo courtesy of Facebook 


A quick search of his name makes this conflict of interest glaringly obvious. His poor excuse for journalism publicly attacks the AVN, the unvaccinated and connects him to the online hate group SAVN, whose members have harassed and stalked pro choice families, going to far as to publish their intimate details online.

What the SAVN don’t want you to know-as this brilliant essay  by Professor Brian Martin so aptly summices, Is that they’re devoid of any scientific discussion abilities.


Hate group Skeptics L-R President Eran Segev, Phillip Peters, Peter Rodgers, Secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian Skeptics, Vice President Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter “Ratbag’ Bowditch


“Should Rupert Murdoch, who has pharmaceutical investments, be allowed to influence government decisions, which affect our children?”
The Murdoch empire have been the driving force behind the recent No Jab No Pay/Play laws that discriminate against conscientious objectors and prevent unvaccinated children from accessing early childhood education programs. They have investments in pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxosmithKline  and control of the media openly admitting they push the vaccine agenda via the media (“The Sunday Telegraph has scored a massive victory in our vaccination campaign” Claire Harvey ” April 12 2015, The Daily Telegraph) and run smear campaigns against anyone who opposes. Campaigns that Kate Ellis’ husband and his colleagues have taken an active role in. Branding the pro choice community as “baby killers and terrorists.” (“Anti-vaxers you are baby killers” (March 23 2015, The Daily Telegraph).


Murdochs have a long history with connections to the Pharmaceutical industry

Politicians are supposed to be there to support the community. How can Kate Ellis ethically propose policies on the topic of vaccines when she is involved in major conflicts of interest? She and her husband are clearly bias and hate the unvaccinated population.
Do we trust her intentions? We certainly don’t trust Murdoch’s or that of her husband’s. Do we trust anyone who proposes children’s medical records being made public to members of childcare? Why are child abusers and pedophiles not allowed to be named but little unmedicated children are? Add another human rights violation to the long list already broken by the Australian political parties.


Murdoch fear propaganda dictates the opinion of the masses, their money buys braindead journos to pen their bigotry and, unsurprisingly, their politician wives to push their policies through parliament.

David Penberthy – editior-in-chief of News Limited and Kate Ellis – South Australian MP representing the federal division of Adelaide for the Australian Labor Party –
Shame on you for joining the ranks of bought politicians and journalists.



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3 Responses to Labor MP Kate Ellis & Husband David Penberthy In Bed With Murdoch To Push Mandatory Vaccinations

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  2. Adam says:

    Great work guys, well done & this is a criminal conspiracy in Australia with children’s lives at risk. These creeps must be exposed & they have been getting away with murder for far to long, it’s time for change.


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